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Looking to save time and headaches? Outsource to a professional team dedicated to protecting your business from the many challenges around Recruitment, Awards and Workers Compensation – we’re your Perfect Recruit!

The Perfect Recruit is here to help you find quality candidates for your operations

Securing quality candidates, whether for heavy vehicle drivers or forklift operators, is a critical aspect of maintaining seamless operations. Errors in hiring not only incur financial setbacks but also tarnish your brand and disrupt employee trust. We understand the needs of the Transport and Logistics sectors and can help you hire the perfect recruit.

Get focussed

We know how difficult it is focus on growing your business when you are stuck working on the day-to-day back office functions. Our job is to protect you, and your business so you can focus on the more important work, growth. When we place a candidate with you, rest assured our team is adept at handling challenging HR matters.


If you are serious about truly shedding your administrative burdens, outsource your HR process and associated functions. Rather than working in your business, work on it! Focus on strategy and improvements while The Perfect Recruit manages your end to end recruitment needs. Free yourself of the critical yet mundane and time-consuming tasks like:

Sourcing Quality Candidates

Uncompromising on Safety

Regulatory Compliance

VISA Compliance

Award Interpretations

Payroll Management


Quality Focused

Who We Recruit

Our deep understanding of the transport, logistics, landscaping, and construction sectors ensures that we comprehend your unique needs and can coordinate specialised deliveries to meet them.

MC Drivers

HC Drivers

Forklift Drivers

High Reach Forklift Drivers

Skilled Tradesmen


Rigid Trucks

Prime Movers

Project Work

About The Perfect Recruit

Our biggest value proposition is our integrity. We earn your trust in all we do.

At The Perfect Recruit, integrity is at the heart of everything that we do. Our goal is to facilitate rewarding, long-term working relationships between our employers and their employees but providing accurate and consistent outcomes you can rely on. That means we put real effort into getting it right, first time, every time!

When you enlist help from The Perfect Recruit, you aren’t just finding an assistant, or an employee. You are finding security, reliability, value and fulfilment.

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