About Us

Recruitment Specialists

Having worked in a family transport business and grown this business from a single truck to an operating fleet of 80 prime movers and over 250 trailer types we know what is required to nurture and build a business via strong customer focus and indelible trust. 

Our Managing Director, Sophia Lafkas, has been building strong relationships between contractors and employers within the transport industry for over 15 years. She is well supported by professional personnel with over 30 years of leadership experience in an array of industries.

We understand that it is not an easy decision to entrust these critical functions to just anyone.

You must be confident in their ability to deliver and protect your business from the many pitfalls that can plague a business. In short, this is why we exist. We have a passion to deliver and provide professional peace of mind.


We save you time so you can get back to business.

When you enlist help from The Perfect Recruit,  you aren’t just finding a job, or an employee.

Our Why

We understand that it takes time to work through the entire process of hiring. It can be technical, time-consuming, risky and susceptible to error. This can slow the business down. We are driven to deliver high-quality outcomes through comprehensive hiring processes, placements, and provision of medical assessments.

Our Vision

At The Perfect Recruit our customers are the centre of all we do. We take care to understand your business so that we can deliver the best solution for your needs.

Our Mission

We manage the end-to-end hiring processes so you can focus on working on your business and not in your business. Our mission is to create peace of mind based on results and your overall customer experience.

Our business is passionate about creating links between employers and employees based on consistency and trust. It is about giving you back some time, and providing you with a reliable and trusted business partner. It is about ensuring those who come through your doors share our values of trust & integrity in all we do. We will do the work so you do not have to.

The Team

Our Management Team has vast experience in several sectors; including sourcing the best approach and outcomes for your needs. We have collectively over 40 years of ‘real-life experience’ behind this business. Our team have worked in Transport, Labour Hire, Back Office, Air and Sea Freight, Airports, Seaports and Human Resources. 

We are wholly committed to providing you with a value-add solution that allows you not only time but the real comfort in knowing we have your back. After all, we are only as successful as you are.

Why Choose The Perfect Recruit

When you enlist help from The Perfect Recruit, you aren’t just finding another contractor or an outsourced employee. You are finding security, reliability, value and fulfilment.