For Employees

We are not your run-of-the-mill labour hire or recruitment provider.

We will do all in our power to match your needs to that of the employer. Remember, you spend a lot of time at work but the people you work for are waiting for you at home.

Tired of bouncing from workplace to workplace, never finding one that suits you? Are you struggling to find permanent, or full-time work? With The Perfect Recruit, you will be placed with employers that suit your needs and preferences. Stop wasting time interviewing at workplaces that don’t value you.

Finding the right kind of work to suit your qualifications and needs makes all the difference in maintaining your work-life balance.

What is important to you?

Regular shifts

Flexible schedule

Social colleagues

Career progression

At the perfect recruit we can:


We evaluate your needs and qualifications and match you to the best work available.

Compliance checks

We will make sure you have all the right insurance and checks before you start. If you are missing something, we can help with the paperwork.


We can help facilitate any further training required before starting your new job.


We will make sure you get paid on time.

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